Analyses the present situation of the application of UV ultraviolet sterilization process

by:Tepro     2020-04-20
The continuous development of national economy, the environmental protection and water quality standards and continuously improve, the traditional water treatment technology is difficult to meet the requirements of the new national standard for water quality, problems existing in current treatment technology is widely used chlorine disinfection disinfection by-products produced by the problem, and jia the giardia and cryptosporidium chlorine resistance problem, the last is the difficult degradable organic pollutants especially organic matter in the water from the three aspects, such as more and more conventional biological treatment techniques are difficult to remove. The present situation of the application of UV uv light sterilizer process, refractory organic matter pollution emissions by metallurgical, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries of refractory organic pollutants containing more high polymer material, result in wastewater is toxic, hard to microbial degradation, treatment is difficult and a series of problems. Ultraviolet radiation sterilization device technology is a kind of method to deal with the refractory organic wastewater effectively. The sterilization and disinfection by-products in the field of water supply and drainage technology can be roughly divided into two major categories of physical and chemical disinfection sterilization. But there are some side effects due to processing, so the uv technology can effectively avoid the problem. Ultraviolet radiation sterilization don't increase any material to the water, not to increase the stench of water, no side effects, does not produce toxic or harmful by-products, disinfection speed, high efficiency, simple operation, easy to operation and management and the advantages of the automation operation. Three, uv uv light sterilizer technology status quo of the current domestic water treatment technology is chaotic, if you want to better sewage, the national level, should have the determination, product quality testing department has specialized technical test center, so as to have a unified standard, the products are classified. core technology using uv ultraviolet germicidal lamp, its processing process does not produce secondary pollution, the water after disinfection without adding chemical additives, also does not produce any new chemical, more effectively retain the advantages of the useful minerals are widely used in water in various water treatment field, is currently one of the most mature sterilization technology in the world, the development prospect.
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