After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, more people have learned about uvc lamps

by:Tepro     2021-03-06
Because the coronavirus is sensitive to ultraviolet rays and heat, the sterilization of UVC lamps has attracted public attention. As the CoviD-19 epidemic continues to spread globally, the heat of UVC lamps continues to increase, which is still a major problem. Experiments have proved that the virus particles can be destroyed by 99.99% when irradiated at a distance of 5 cm from the new coronavirus for 30 seconds. Due to the sensitivity of coronavirus to ultraviolet rays and heat, uvc ultraviolet lamp sterilization has attracted public attention. Especially, uvc ultraviolet lamp has the advantages of small size, low power consumption, environmental protection, light on, etc., and has become a best-selling product for sterilization and viruses. Including the sterilization and sterilization of household and commercial uv water purifier, the sterilization and sterilization of refrigerators, the sterilization of washing machines, the sterilization of air conditioners, and the deodorization and sterilization of smart toilets, more and more applications are beginning to carry uvc ultraviolet lamp sterilization procedures. In fact, uvc ultraviolet lamps existed before the epidemic broke out, but due to the unsatisfactory light power, light efficiency, life span, etc. in the early stage of development, the industry developed relatively slowly. At the same time, industry insiders believe that high-intensity ultraviolet rays have a destructive effect on living organisms and have certain effects on human bodies. UVC ultraviolet lamp, UVC germicidal lamp, uvc germicidal lamp produces ozone, uvc purification and sterilization, which brand of uvc germicidal lamp is good, uvc purification sterilizer, stainless steel uvc germicidal lamp, uvc ultraviolet radiation sterilization, uvc sterilization refrigerator, uvc sterilization Are lights harmful to people? In addition, the cost for identification of uv light sterilizer products is relatively simple, and the market application is relatively limited. After the outbreak of the CoviD-19 epidemic, more and more people understand uvc ultraviolet lamps, which has attracted more and more domestic and foreign companies to compete. 2020 is over, but in the past year, has the uvc lamp industry really changed dramatically? 'In 2020, the uvc ultraviolet lamp industry is still at a relatively simple entry stage. Although in the end market, the number of disinfection kits and disinfection kits has been increasing, but in the application fields closely related to people's lives (for example, purified water, Refrigerators, air conditioners and vehicles. 'Although there are many domestic chip manufacturers and packaging manufacturers in the field of uvc ultraviolet lamps, they are limited to surface sterilization products for the export market. There are not many types and ranges of applications. In other words, uvc ultraviolet light Consumer acceptance of lamp products has changed, but there is no major breakthrough in actual technology and application. 'At present, UVC ultraviolet lamp chips and epitaxial technology are still facing the problems of high photoelectric conversion efficiency, difficult epitaxial technology, low output, and high cost. In terms of packaging technology, the UV resistance and thermal management technology of packaging materials still need to be further improved, and packaging efficiency and air tightness still need to be improved. “At present, the number of uvc ultraviolet lamp chip uv water purifier equipment is not large, and most chip manufacturers have not yet Mass production is formed, so it is difficult to substantially expand production capacity in a short period of time.” Starting in the first half of 2020, in the first two months after the outbreak, the demand for epidemic prevention has surged. The supply of UVC UV lamp chips far exceeds the demand. Coupled with the accumulation of goods by channel agents, the market once appeared in a frenzy of 'competing for money'.
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