Advantages Of Amalgam Sterilizing Lamp

Advantages Of Amalgam Sterilizing Lamp


1. Coating Technology

The coating of long life mercury Qi lamp does not cause the transmission loss of quartz glass, so it will have a continuous and stable bactericidal effect throughout the service life of the lamp.


2. Potential for cost savings

Because of the high power and long life of amalgam sterilizing lamp, the energy consumption, installation count and maintenance cycle are greatly reduced. Based on the long life and low operating cost of amalgam lamp, amalgam lamp has become an economical alternative to medium voltage lamp. They save energy and produce only less heat.


3. Can produce ozone

When the lamp material is synthetic quartz, UVC radiation emits 185nm spectrum line, and the ultraviolet output is promoted in 185nm by the combination of quartz material and lamp tube technology. The UV output of amalgam lamp is 3 ≤ 10 times higher than that of general low pressure mercury lamp, and the working temperature can be as high as 100 °C, spectrum: 254nm; synthetic quartz tube amalgam lamp, spectrum: 254nm and 185 nm, resulting in ozone.


4. Wider ambient temperature

Compared with standard sterilizing lamp, amalgam sterilizing lamp produces ultraviolet light of the same length for a long life. Keep stable high UV intensity in a wide ambient temperature range (4 °100 °C) and use fewer lamps to reduce initial installation and operating costs.


TEPRO amalgam ultraviolet sterilizing lamp is widely used in air conditioning system disinfection, water disinfection, air purification, sewage treatment, waste gas treatment, photochemical reaction, food factory disinfection and sterilization, packaging material disinfection.

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