Advantage of ultraviolet sterilization device in swimming pool water treatment

by:Tepro     2020-03-29
As one of the mainstream disinfection equipment, ultraviolet radiation sterilization device is more and more widely applied in the swimming pool water treatment. It is known that most of the large swimming pool in the western developed countries are using uv sterilizer for water body effectively disinfection sterilization. Swimming pool water treatment process of uv sterilizer five outstanding advantage analysis: 1, to reduce the residual chlorine, chlorine in pool water content reduce, reduce the disinfection byproducts, make swimming pool environment more healthy. 2, kill microorganisms: using ultraviolet technology to purify the water another advantage, is the ability to permanently inactivated chlorine resistance microbial groups, such as eosinophilic lung legionella bacteria, escherichia coli, pseudomonas, cryptosporidium, amoeba, and bacteria. Ultraviolet radiation sterilization lamp by destroying these microbial DNA and DNA repair enzyme to achieve inactivated effect. 3, to reduce the quantity of chlorine: when chlorine reaction with swimming off of organic compounds, produce disinfection by-products, such as chloramine. These by-products is the root of cause people to eyes and respiratory discomfort. 4, kill the legionella bacteria in the swimming pool and shower bath, legionella is shower bath in the swimming pool with warm water cycle, extremely dangerous pathogenic microorganism. It can against the residual chlorine, but will be ultraviolet light to kill. Temperature will not affect the uv light, so the warm water bath is very suitable. 5, reduced THMS: in the use of chlorine disinfection of water, which is a kind of disinfection byproducts trihalomethanes ( THMs) 。 The most common is the chloroform, it is a suspected carcinogen. By ultraviolet irradiation, cooperate to reduce the chlorine dosage, reduce of chloroform content in the water. Compared with other physical and chemical disinfection sterilization method, ultraviolet radiation sterilization device advantages more apparent. Believe that with the high rate of sterilization alga, chemical residue, low cost, long life and a series of advantages, ultraviolet radiation sterilization lamp pool in China in the years to come will be widely used in water treatment field.
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