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by:Tepro     2020-12-17
All kinds of water treatment equipment, become the new favorite of the environmental protection industry, water quality determines the quality of life, after all, can't be vague. In the process of water treatment uv water purifier equipment for raw water activated carbon adsorption method is one of the popular methods, today small make up take you to get to know the common three types of activated carbon adsorption method application in water treatment uv water purifier equipment. 1, in the water treatment uv water purifier equipment, granular activated carbon is relatively common, multi-purpose nature, coal, nut shell ( Nuclear) Such as carbon by chemical method or physical activation method. It has a huge number of pores and specific surface area, thus has very strong adsorption capacity, effective adsorption of organic pollutants in the water. Moreover in the process of activation, non-crystalline parts forming some oxygen-containing functional groups on the surface of the activated carbon, these groups make activated carbon with chemical adsorption and catalytic oxidation, reduction performance, can effectively remove the water some metal ions. 2, permeability silver activated carbon will be activated carbon and silver together, not only the organic pollutants in water adsorption, have antiseptic effect, and will not breed bacteria in activated carbon, has solved the water purifier water sometimes appear the problem of high content of nitrite. When water by activated carbon silver, silver ions can release slowly, disinfection sterilization effect. Because of activated carbon to remove the water color, smell, chlorine, iron, arsenic, mercury, cyanide, phenol has a good effect, antibacterial effect by more than 90%, thus being used in small water purifier. 3, organic carbon fiber activated carbon fiber after activation treatment to form a new adsorption material, has developed pore structure, large specific surface area. Abroad in using activated carbon fiber for solvent recovery, gas purification and so on has made obvious achievement; Application in water treatment has also done a lot of research work.
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