A common problem of deionized water machinery and equipment production of water purifiers

by:Tepro     2020-11-30
Quartz sand filtration unit area is large, PH application field in 2 ~ 13, blocking resistance is small, acid-proof alkaline, strong anti-oxidation ability, good anti-pollution performance. Key made up of filtration unit and automatic control system, reasonable to remove the bacteria in the water, suspended solids, organic compounds, chemical fertilizer, pathogens, such as air pollution, the actual effect is remarkable. Deionized water mechanical equipment in the production of water purifiers common problems ( 1) Quartz sand filter in deionized uv water purifier out of the stainless steel water trough and the filter plate parallel surface error value less than 2 mm. The filter cap material, polyester is best. Regulations cap high compressive strength, filter cap and the surface of the filter plate to add ductility rubber sheet. ( 2) Pure uv water purifier, quartz sand filter in the filter plate flatness and roughness are below & plusmn; 1. 5 mm. When the tube section contain large diameter or the raw materials, transportation and other levels, can choose two put together. ( 3) Purified water device in the quartz sand filter to filter plate and shell to effective solve the combined parts, softener for gas phase is very important. ( 4) Quartz sand filter in the industrial production of water purification equipment on the filter plate production and processing of buried hole, axial deviation for & plusmn; 1. 5 mm. Filter plate and filter cap beam buried via mutual cooperation between the specifications, the bad filter cap fixed installation. Buried hole processing must be used industrial equipment. To remove filter plate production and processing and cone section deviation caused by the production level of filter plate and the gap of shell, generally choose ring plate is presented. the electric welding arc welding. The touch location to choose penetration. Management of the center line and the filter plate axial gap of the solution as above. Ensure the blocking and softener only according to the filter cap connection or pipe groove gap, softener and filter safe passage around the proportions.
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